Gammill Service Pricing

Annual Service Plan – $199/year

Every 12-18 months, our service tech will stop at your home or place of business and perform a full routine maintenance check on your Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine.  This service typically takes 1.5-2 hours. See the Routine Maintenance Checklist for a detailed list of the service performed at the Annual Service Plan visit. Repairs exceeding 2 hours will be billed at an additional $75/hour.  After your initial Service call at regular price, you may enroll in the Annual Service Plan.

Service Call:  Occasional Maintenance or Machine Repair – $299 

We have regularly scheduled service loops throughout Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.  There are no mileage charges if you schedule service on our regular loop.  If you are unable to wait, emergency service calls will be charged $1.00/mile one way from our closest Gammill Showroom location (Billings & Boise)  Service calls that exceed 2 hours will be billed at an additional $75/hour.

Delivery & Installation:

Elevate Retrofit   $  750

Vision 2 Hand-guided Machine:   $1000

Vision 2 with Elevate $1250

Statler $1400

Statler Retrofit   $1550