Maintenance & Repair


At Highland Gammill, we believe that regular maintenance and upkeep will ensure years of uninterrupted quilting. Beautiful stitches are the result of many different functions all working perfectly together. You can keep your machine this way with a few easy steps.

1. Oil often

Machines made of iron, steel and aluminum require oil to keep them running. Gammills should be oiled every 8-10 hours, or after a full day's use. Oiling at the end of the day will allow the oil to penetrate the machine overnight so it will always be ready to quilt when you are. Follow the manual for proper oil amounts. Watch this video for more information.

2. Change the needle

Change the needle as required, possibly as often as every 1-2 quilts. This will ensure the needle and hook work together to provide the best possible stitch. Some needles may last longer, but as a practice, it is best to change it regularly.

3. Schedule Regular Service Appointments

Recommended service schedule is every 500 quilts or 5 years. Some machines run considerably longer than this, but a best practice to ensure no down time would be no longer than 5 years.

4. Keep a Maintenance Kit Handy

It is imperative that you keep a supply of low cost, regular maintenance parts in stock in order to minimize the down time. Some items include:

  • Extra Bobbin Case
  • Red and Black Handle Bar Buttons (These can be replaced with lifetime soft touch switches)
  • Check Spring Assembly
  • Cone Springs
  • Timing Device

5. Know Your Warranty

Please view your complete Gammill Warranty here.

Please note that learning issues (including learning about everyday use on your machine) are NOT covered by warranty.

We will assist you and answer questions until you are comfortable using your machine.  You are encouraged to come to your beginning class and reach out with questions.

This Warranty does not cover: (I) periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear; (II) postage, shipping, and handling costs and all risks to the Product associated with shipment or transport, or travel fees or trip service charges for in-home service; (III) damage resulting from misuse of the Product or failure to perform normal maintenance; (IV) service and/or repairs to the Product done by unauthorized service providers; (V) damage resulting from the use of non-Gammill authorized parts, supplies, or accessories; (VI) accidents, lightning, fires, water, power surges or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Gammill.  This warranty does not include travel fees or trip service charges in most cases.  The two-year labor warranty for household and commercial use is for IN SHOP service.  At home warranty labour may incur additional charges.

6. Replacement Parts are Available

We are happy to provide assistance and installation services on parts that were purchased from Highland Gammill. For parts purchased elsewhere, please contact the seller for assistance.

Annual Maintenance Agreement

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    Need help with your Gammill?

    We have a network of certified Gammill technicians across Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, ready to help you troubleshoot, perform maintenance or repair any problems you might have with your longarm machine. Please use the following links to get started.


    The following is our service and maintenance pricing:

    Regular Maintenance

    $299 plus parts and tax (includes mileage)  *As of June 1, 2021, our regular maintenance rate will be $349 due to the sharp rise in fuel costs.

    Our regular maintenance includes a full review of your machine to identify areas of improvement, areas of potential weakness, and areas needing immediate attention. We will replace your check spring, felt washers, encoder tires, and needle.  Our usual service appointment can take 1 to 2 hours. Appointments requiring additional time may incur additional costs. This appointment will be scheduled in our regular course of service and maintenance trips as we visit your area for deliveries.  Service routes are posted on our website and listed in our monthly newsletter. If you require service sooner please see the other options below.

    Emergency Service

    $349 plus $.58 per mile round trip

    The least cost effective but fastest way to repair your machine should it need immediate attention. We will schedule an onsite call at our earliest availability which will allow us to assess and complete service work on your machine, allowing your business to continue as soon as possible.  We stock most parts for machines currently available for purchase.  In the event that we must order a part, the return trip to install parts is charged by the hour.  Mileage fees apply.

    Drop Off Service

    $95 per hour plus parts and tax

    Customers wishing to drop their machine off may do so. Issues with the machine head can be diagnosed and repaired. Customers should contact us to request drop off service. Call us at 208-250-9277 or email

    Annual Service Plan Subscription

    $249 no mileage fee

    A discount is offered when a maintenance visit is schedules within 18 months of your last repair or maintenance visit.  Our service tech will stop at your home or place of business and perform a full routine maintenance check on your Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine.  This service typically takes 1.5-2 hours.  See the Routine Maintenance Checklist for a detailed list of the service performed at the Annual Service Plan visit.  Any repairs needed at this visit exceeding 2 hours will be billed at an additional $95/hour.  Maintenance visits will be offered when we are in your area and schedule allows.  These visits are not intended for machine repair.

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