223-0001 Gammill Upgrade Vision to Vision 2.0 for 18 Inch Machines


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We have had many customers get these kits and they have been happy with them!  Go ahead and order, we’ll send you a tracking number as soon as we can get it shipped.


Would you like to take advantage of all the new Vision 2.0 features?  This kit only takes 5 minutes to install (plus another 10 minutes for watching the video that shows you how to do it).  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW and Linda V. Taylor will explain what she loves about these new features and what they mean to you as far as how they will improve your quilting experience.

New and improved features (Andrew’s partial list):

  • Constant, Coast Regulate, Regulate, and Baste.  The range of options for each is much larger than before.  Example – you can do a 1/4″ baste or a 4″ baste or anything in-between.
  • Programmable handle buttons means you can swap right and left, or you can set a button to be chan. lock, or single stitch, or needle position, or My Custom Stitch toggle, or any of several other things.  No more limitations!!!
  • My Custom Stitch(tm) allows you to pre-set your favorite settings and machine remembers them
  • Samsung Tablet is rugged, reliable,  and the screen is much larger than the old module.
  • Updates come over wi-fi and install themselves
  • YouTube, Email, Pandora Radio, Internet, built-in camera, … this is a fully functional Android device which you can add your own apps to
  • Laser light has 10 levels of intensity/dot size, as well as being able to turn on and off
  • Built in oiling routing
  • Built in diagnostics
  • Built in operation manual (and a printed one as well

The only feature that you won’t have from the Vision 2.0 is the new double handle switches – you’ll still have right and left on the front, and right and left on the back just like you have today (but you can change what each button does!).  The other thing is that if you have the optional camera for watching the bottom side of the quilt, the camera function will not work after the Vision 2.0 upgrade.  The tablet does come with a built-in camera but it’s not in the right place for looking at the bottom side of the quilt.

The SALE PRICE requires your original Vision 1 Module to be sent back to Gammill.  This is mandatory to receive the sale price!


Additional information

Weight 9.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 7 in
Machine Size

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