Gammill and Statler Quick Change Foot Set


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This new Gammill and Statler Quick-Change Hopping foot set includes the following:

  • Spoon Foot – Glide easily over applique, edges, lofty battings.
  • Open Toe Foot – Better visibility of the needle area (awesome for ditch quilting)
  • Couching Foot – Stitch yarns or cording to the top of your Art quilts
  • Trapunto Foot – Smaller profile is perfect for applique work also
  • Ruler Foot – This is the foot style you likely have on your machine today.
  • Quick-Change Foot Holder – install this foot holder, then the other feet just slip onto it.

The complete set is $259 with free shipping!

My favorite feature is that the feet change so fast.  There is no longer any need to adjust the foot height when changing the foot…. if it’s the right height for one of the feet, it’s the right height for them all.

Also, the rotation/straightness of the feet is no longer an issue.  Where the feet fit up into the holder, it’s triangular and self-aligning, so you don’t have to struggle or fumble… it just “works”.



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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in


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