Statler by Gammill Mod 3 & E Power Cable


Statler Cable for the Mod 3 and Mod E Systems Only.  This one is the Z power cable, use in the case of errors where the sewing motor is not getting power or not responding properly.  Consider getting an entire set of cables – they are all the same age and it may be advantageous to just change them all at the same time.

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CHECK TO ENSURE the pins where it plugs into the back of the machine are still clean and shiny.  With a flashlight and a magnifying glass (if needed) inspect carefully.  If there is any burning or blackness, even on just 1 pin, you will need to have the socket repaired on the machine otherwise the new cable will become damaged in just a short time of operation.  Contact us for a service call in this situation.

You will need to have a Pin Extractor Tool – if you do not have one, search for part # MISC.1

The large round barrel connector has 5 metal connections inside and the other two are blank (black).  On the other end of the cable is just bare pins because you’ll need to disassemble the connector on the other end for installation.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11.10 × 11.10 × 3 in
Machine Model


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