GS1LB-12 Gammill 12 Foot Overhead Lightbar for GS-1 Table


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This Light Bar can also be ordered (contact us for details) in custom sizes such as 10′ or 14′ if you have a custom-size table.

The bulbs are LOW in the blue-light spectrum meaning unlike “daylight” bulbs there are no worries about Blue Light Hazard causing macular degeneration (see wikipedia for details) and also no worries about the blue light messing with your natural sleep cycle (as blue is only in early morning sunlight and it triggers the body to become alert, you wouldn’t want to be exposed to blue light spectrum when you are doing late-night quilting!)

The bulbs are also SHADED meaning that the light bounces off the quilt with very little glare, as opposed to some other light bars that are so bright that they cause your pupil to contract, actually harming your ability to see the quilt.

*This item is too large to ship thru USPS and so the shipping calculator is unable to render a price.  The total you pay in the cart for shipping does NOT include shipping this item!  We will call you to inquire how you wish to take possession of it.  FOB Wenatchee, WA


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