Q4 FIRMWARE UPD Statler by Gammill Firmware Update Kit


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This kit includes the CD with the automatic update software as well as the manual update software to use in the event of running into trouble.  It also has complete directions for automatic and manual upgrading in PDF format on the CD.

This updates your Galil cards to use the very latest drivers, allowing faster stitching and smoother.  Creative Studio 5.0 and 6.0 require q4 or later firmware.  Here’s how to check  your firmware: Open Creative Studio and go Tools/Technical Support/Controller Definition/Galil Settings/ then look for ‘Controller Version’. If your version is not Q4 or beginning with the letter R then you need to upgrade.

A friend and fellow Gammill Dealer, Doug Creasy from Zanesville, OH (A Touch of Thread Quilting Gallery) has made a great YouTube video on how to actually do the firmware upgrade.  We have put the directions on the Disk as a PDF document, but the video here is very helpful.


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